Make an Exfoliating Homemade Coffee Scrub in 5 Easy Ways

Chelsea Webster
2 min readAug 5, 2018


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Re-purposing coffee grounds into a beauty essential is zero waste at its finest! Fine ground, chunky ground, any ground… save your coffee and turn into body and facial scrubs! I promise it’s super easy and its actually quicker than making a cup of coffee!

All you need to do is stick the kettle on, prepare your beans and make your coffee (or, as I do, wait for your partner to make a coffee). When the grounds have cooled, add them to a jar and store in the fridge until use. I said it was easy!

Grind Tip: Fine ground coffee is gentler on delicate skin, and is therefore better as a facial exfoliator, compared to chunky ground coffee.

Coffee can be used au naturel, for a quick, easy, basic scrub, but getting creative is also straightforward! Here’s how…

Intense Exfoliation: Add some Himalayan sea salt or sugar to the coffee. The variation in coarseness and density will leave skin feeling super exfoliated and smooth. Try using a 2:1 ratio of coffee:additional exfoliant.

Hydration: Use a natural oil! Add 1–2 tsp of olive oil, argan oil or melted coconut oil to leave skin silky smooth and full of moister.

Fresh Feeling: Want to smell extra good? Add 5 drops of essential oil to the coffee. Adding a scent masks the smell of coffee and layers the skin with a delicate fragrance.

Extra Benefits: Adding essential oils can be beneficial for more than just making you smell nice. One of my favourite ways to make this is by mixing fine ground with a few drops of lavender and tea tree. I use it on my face every few days before bed, relaxing my mind and calming my skin.

Combination: Mix and match ingredients to create the perfect coffee scrub for you!

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