I will NEVER say you must be vegan, but I will say this instead…

Veganuary is over and whether you tried it out or not, I want you to know that I will never tell you that you MUST be vegan. NEVER. Don’t get me wrong, there was a time I probably would have, but I’ve grown as I’ve learnt about food injustice and intersectionality. It’s those learnings that I want to share with you today, so here’s what I will tell you…

Side note: If you have no idea what Veganuary t is then… WOW! Who are you, and what rock are you living under? (Cause I kinda wanna join you). Just to keep you informed though, Veganuary is a British non-profit that promotes and educates about veganism via a popular eat vegan challenge that lasts for the whole of January. When I say popular, I mean, like, half a million people popular…

You don’t HAVE to be vegan to be environmentally conscious.

Privilege makes it easier to be vegan.

No matter what you eat, your plate isn’t free of injustice.

Food injustice is a climate justice issue.

Food injustice is a racial issue.

Food injustice is a class issue.

After reading this, why do you some people (some vegans in particular) care more about harm to animals than humans? Is animal abuse more visible, less acceptable, less necessary? I’d say HELL NO. But skin colour and the benefits that white people gain from the labour of people of colour and the poor does influence the narrative. NO MATTER WHAT YOU EAT, oppression and injustice exist in your foods networks.

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Activist and organizer with Greenpeace Vancouver. Writes about climate and social justice, fossil fuel fuckery, feminism and greenwashing.

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