We are allowed to be critical when a person of power and influence dies. We CAN critique the climate of someone’s life and death and it not be disrespectful, because it’s important to understand the context within which someone’s life had an impact.

First, we must stop thinking in binary terms of “good” and “bad” people, because everyone is on the spectrum of both. Then, we must remember Philip held power and wealth (a disproportionate amount) that gave him influence. Throughout life and in death, the public gets to critique an influential figure’s contribution to each house of good, bad…

Veganuary is over and whether you tried it out or not, I want you to know that I will never tell you that you MUST be vegan. NEVER. Don’t get me wrong, there was a time I probably would have, but I’ve grown as I’ve learnt about food injustice and intersectionality. It’s those learnings that I want to share with you today, so here’s what I will tell you…

Side note: If you have no idea what Veganuary t is then… WOW! Who are you, and what rock are you living under? (Cause I kinda wanna join you). Just to…

It’s started…The ‘New Year, New You’ slogans are out in full force.

For 2020, some resolution lists, courtesy of media outlets and corporations, are taking on a sustainability tinge, letting us know about all the tiny changes and swaps we can make in 2021 or else encouraging us to buy our way to saving the planet… I am not here for it, and you shouldn’t be either.


In 2020 we learnt a few things about who is responsible for carbon emissions.

  • 100 fossil fuel companies are responsible for 71% of the greenhouse gases emitted since 1988. (Carbon Majors Report)

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When it comes to climate news, if something sounds too good to be true… it probably is. I know I sound like a pessimist, but billionaire philanthropy is being praised right and centre, with only the left seemingly being able to see through the smokescreen of hypocrisy that is Bezos Earth Fund.

Let’s back up for a second.

In Case You Missed It

In February 2020 Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and world’s richest person with a net worth…

Shell, the world’s 7th largest polluter, asked the public what we were willing to change to prevent climate change… The internet clapped back.

It was glorious, thousands responded to call out yet another attempt at greenwashing from a fossil fuel giant. In case you missed it, here’s the tweet that kicked it off, followed by a recap of responses.

You know those days where you wake in a panic and the climate crisis is just there in your face EVERYWHERE you look. I’m talking about that feeling when a ton of bricks hits your psyche and you’re like ‘Jesus fucking Christ the world is fucked’ kind of panic.

I’m having one of those days.

Climate catastrophe is happening right in front of us. Not just one, or two, or even three events, but multiple. …

This post originally appeared on the LowWastePlantBased.net. To get more articles like this straight to your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter.

Sir David, you might be a national treasure, but that shouldn’t stop us from holding you accountable.

Let me start by saying, your documentaries are integral to so many people and their love of nature. Your iconic films and voiceovers have bought awareness, joy, and fear to many. That’s important. It is equally important to recognize that you hold power, not just as a famous and known naturalist, but also as a rich white man. …

In Canada, recent climate action has called on Governments (provincial and federal) to commit to a green and just recovery, a movement that would bring justice to many. But, while I join in the push for a green and just recovery, climate justice is about more than just Canada…

Normal is a crisis everywhere, but it is particularly poignant for those who live, breathe, and work on the frontlines of that crisis.

Principles of a Green and Just Recovery:

1. Put people’s health first, no exceptions.

2. Provide economic relief directly to the people.

3. Help workers and communities, not…

As an rabid reader, a lover of learning, and as an engaged activist that is vocally anti-capitalist, I find these guidelines downright terrifying.

Of course, free speech, fair electoral processes, and (true) democracy should be protected. Without a doubt, racism, antisemitism, and hate speech should not be tolerated. But, something stinks about this whole policy.


📖 The enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. ⁠- Oxford Dictionary⁠

📖 A form of government with strong central power and limited political freedoms. — Professor Furio Cerutti⁠

📖 A strong central government that allows people a limited degree of political freedom. However, the political process, as well as all individual freedom, is controlled by the government without any constitutional accountability. -Thought Co.⁠

Characteristics of Authoritarianism

❗️Limited political diversity.⁠
❗️Support by the public is often gained by lies, fear and a promise of economic prosperity.⁠
❗️Suppression of anti-regime/government activities and minimal engaging of public…

Chelsea Webster

Activist and organizer with Greenpeace Vancouver. Writes about climate and social justice, fossil fuel fuckery, feminism and greenwashing.

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